Mushroom Compost

Here at Larch Cottage it is the time of year when we feed the vegetable patch and a number of borders with mushroom compost. Mushroom compost consists of well-rotted stable manure and, being high in organic matter, is very effective as a soil improver or mulch. ‘Spent’ mushroom compost, leftover from the mushroom farming process, contains chalk and so is a particularly good choice in borders where alkaline conditions are required for healthy growth.

It is also excellent on the vegetable patch where neutral to alkaline conditions are favoured, especially in the brassica bed. The alkaline nature of mushroom compost means that it should be avoided around acid loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and acers, and around fruit crops which prefer slightly acidic conditions.

Mushroom compost can be obtained in bulk from mushroom farms and soil and manure suppliers and provides an excellent way to improve growing conditions in neutral and alkaline borders.

Mushroom Compost

Blog post written by Jo Chamberlain

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