Gardening Jobs for September

As the weather cools and the days become shorter there are still many jobs that you can be getting on with that will keep your garden looking good in the colder months, and will help to ensure a fantastic display next year.

  • Plant spring flowering bulbs: from Camassia to Alliums, Fritillaria to Tulips and Daffodils, a little planning and planting at this time of year will reap colourful rewards come next spring.
  • Divide herbaceous perennials where they have become congested. Doing this regularly will ensure that your perennials remain healthy and vigorous, as well as providing you with additional plants. Don’t forget to keep newly divided plants well-watered while they establish in the soil.
  • Keep your annuals going for as long as you can by regularly deadheading and feeding them.
  • Deadhead Dahlias, Penstemons and Roses to encourage more flowers.
  • Keep harvesting produce in the vegetable patch. Lift and dry onions once the foliage has flopped. They can be stored in nets or can be plaited and hung up until needed.
  • Remove leaves from squashes and pumpkins to enable the sun to reach and ripen the developing fruits.
  • Remove the tips from tomato plants so that all of the plant’s energy can be directed toward the developing fruit rather than producing new fruit.
  • When peas and beans have finished, cut the plants back at ground level, leaving the roots in situ. The roots will slowly release nitrogen back into the soil.
  • Cut the fruited canes of summer raspberries, and tie in the new, green canes which will provide the fruit next year.
  • Tidy and weed vegetable beds that become empty when produce is lifted.
  • Carry out essential lawn maintenance: aerate your lawn with a fork, remove thatch and repair dead patches. Then top dress with special lawn top-dressing and apply an autumn lawn fertiliser.
  • Start to tidy up and clean greenhouses, pots and containers.

(Blog post written by Jo Chamerlain)

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