Can you plant in autumn?

Our customers often ask us whether it is advisable to plant in autumn. The resounding answer is yes! In fact, autumn is the best time of year to give your plants a strong start, as the soil is still warm and moisture levels are good. In spring, roots won’t begin to grow until the soil has warmed up whereas planting now will allow your plants to start developing a good root system before the first frosts appear.

Create Fabulous Autumn Colour

Planting in autumn can ensure a fantastic late display. A walk through our shrub area at this time of year is a feast for the eyes, with its flaming reds, russets and golds. Here you will find a host of shrubs that bring wonderful autumn colours to your garden, from smaller shrubs like Euonymous alatus, with its fabulous deep reds and pinks to larger specimen trees such as Japanese Acer, Parrotia and Amelanchier.

Transplant Perennials

Autumn is also the best time to transplant herbaceous plants that need to be moved in your garden. Any plants that have outgrown their space or become congested can be moved or split while the soil is still warm. This will keep your plants healthy and happy and will help them to look their best next year.

Plant Your Bulbs

Now is the time to ensure a beautiful spring display by planting your bulbs. From springtime favourites, such as Daffodils and Tulips, to the more unusual blooms of Fritillaria and Erythronium, bulbs offer a cost-effective way to bring style, colour and beauty to your borders.

So as the nights draw in and the temperature cools, dedicating a little time to your garden at this time of year can reap huge rewards. Just remember to wrap up warm!


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