What are stepover fruit trees?

What does ‘stepover’ mean?

Cultivated since the Victorian times, a ‘stepover’ tree is the smallest of all fruit trees, and is described as a low growing tree which has been trained horizontally and can literally be stepped over.

How high are ‘stepovers’ kept?

‘Stepovers’ are traditionally kept to 12 to 18 inches in height and are created by training the 2 main laterals horizontally to create a long ‘T’ shape. Apples lend themselves well to this method of cultivation but you can easily grow pears, plums, apples and gages in this way.

What is the best way to use ‘step overs’ in the garden?

‘Stepovers’ have grown in popularity in recent years and are a great way to have fruit in your garden even if your space is limited and can be used to edge a vegetable garden, or can be planted along the edges of flower borders or paths.

Which root stock should I buy to create a stepover?

To create your own stepover, buy trees on the smaller M27 root stock which is basically a miniature ‘bush’ type tree which yields early and matures to around 6’ in height – or length!

We have a number of ready trained ‘stepovers’ here at Larch Cottage for you to purchase:

  • Malus ‘Bramley 20’ M27 Step-over M27
  • Malus ‘Christmas Pippin’ M27 Step-over
  • Malus ‘Cox Self Fertile’ M27 step-over
  • Malus ‘Fiesta’ M27 Step-over
  • Malus ‘James Grieve’ M27 Step-over
  • Malus ‘Red Falstaff’ M27 Step-over
  • Malus ‘Red Windsor’ M27 step-over
  • Malus ‘Scrumptious’ M27 AGM Step-over
  • Pyrus- Pear ‘Concorde’ Quince Eline AGM step-over
  • Pyrus- Pear ‘Conference’ QC Step-over AGM
  • Pyrus- Pear ‘Conference’ Quince Eline AGM Step-over
  • Pyrus- Pear ‘Conference’ Quince Eline Step-over AGM