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Time to Start Chitting!

seed potatoes 2020

Chitting will give your potatoes a head start… While the cold weather persists and the ground is hardened by late winter frosts, it is too early to begin planting in the vegetable patch, but there are still lots of things that restless gardeners can do to get this year’s crop off to a flying start. […]

Gardening Jobs for January

January 2020

A new year means new beginnings, reinvigorated purpose and the gradual lengthening of days, the ideal time to begin planning for the growing season ahead. A little thought and preparation at this stage of the year is the perfect way to ensure fantastic displays in your borders, and achieve enviable success in the vegetable plot. […]

3 Top Plants for Winter Interest

At Larch Cottage our borders are carefully designed for year-round interest. As well as the fabulous summer colours of our herbaceous borders and the stunning golds, russets and oranges of autumn, winter brings the wonderful blooms and fantastic fragrances of our favourite winter shrubs. Shrubs that perform best in the colder months are often shade […]