How to look after a Hellebore

How to look after a hellebore

FEED Hellebores are hungry plants! Use compost or well rooted manure when planting and as a mulch when the plants are established. The main growing periods are during the spring and autumn so mulching then is very beneficial. A general purpose fertiliser can also be applied in late winter. Liquid feed is very acceptable as […]

Are honeysuckle berries edible?

Lonicera Caerulea - Image RHS

Edible Honeysuckle: Lonicera caerulea (Honeyberry, blue-berried honeysuckle, sweetberry honeysuckle – or Haskap) The Honeyberry is relatively a new introduction into the UK. They are native to Siberia, northern China and northern Japan where they were widely harvested. Ideally honeyberries should be planted in pairs or groups, as this will increase the rate of pollination and […]