Japanese Maples

Acer Avenue

One of the most striking features of Larch Cottage at this time of year, is our extensive collection of Acer palmatum, or Japanese Maples. A walk through Acer Avenue reveals the huge variety of graceful forms, stunning foliage and exquisite colours we have available. As specialists in acers we offer a wide range of sizes […]

The Chelsea Chop

The Chelsea Chop is a useful pruning method that we regularly use at Larch Cottage to control the flowering times of a wide range of herbaceous perennials. Named the Chelsea Chop, as the technique is used around the time of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in late May to early June, it can ensure a […]

Companion Planting in the Vegetable Patch


There are many plants that you can grow in your vegetable patch that will encourage beneficial insects, redirect the unwanted attentions of pests and attract pollinators that will feed on unwelcome visitors, as well as improving crop yields and the overall health of your plants. Some strongly scented crops, planted alongside one another can be […]