Callicarpa Bodinieri var Giraldii Profusion AGM

Callicarpa Bodinieri var Giraldii Profusion AGM really is the most beautiful shrub which really comes into its own during mid to late Autumn. The bright purple berries stand out like jewels in these dull days of Autumn bringing much wanted colour to the garden.

At one time the Bodinieri species lost popularity mainly due to the fact that you had to group several of the plants together in order to produce a good show of the bead-like berries. However, the Profusion – given the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) by The Royal Horticultural Society – has changed this. It produces a wealth of large clusters berries all on it’s own in mid to late Autumn and the bare branches which become laden with berries are great in vases.

In a nutshell:

  • Deciduous bushy shrub.
  • Oval dark green foliage.
  • Spikes of tiny star shaped lilac flowers in June.
  • Dense clusters of round violet berries (4mm) in compact clusters during September to December.
  • Foliage turns a rich rose purple in autumn.
  • Ht 5ft.
  • Common Name: Beautyberry
  • Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in cold winters
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Grow in fertile well-drained soil in sun or partial shade
  • Generally pest and disease free
  • Suggested planting locations and garden types Cut Flowers Low Maintenance Cottage & Informal Garden
  • Incorporate plenty of well-rotted organic matter into the planting hole.
  • Prune back stems in early spring, if needed.