Rhododendrons on Alkaline Soil

We are pleased to offer a new range of lime-tolerant rhododendrons here at Larch Cottage Nursery. Known as Rhododendron Inkarho, these plants have been developed from Rhododendrons found growing in a German lime quarry. After 25 years of testing with a million seedlings, a new understock has been developed which is much more resistant and less sensitive to salt meaning that you can now grow these beautiful plants on neutral, sand and clay soils up to pH7. Our current, extensive range includes:

Rhododendron ‘Dufthecke Rose’ Inkarho: a compact, neat shrub in the ‘Dufthecke’ range, which translates to ‘fragrant hedge’ in English. With deep pink buds that open to pale pink, fragrant flowers in early May and lovely shiny leaves, it makes an ideal choice for hedging or screening.

Rhododendron ‘Dufthecke White’ Inkarho: carrying intense lilac buds that open to beautifully fragranced creamy-white flowers with pale, rose-lilac edging, before changing to icy-white in April -May.

Rhododendron ‘Dufthecke Yellow’ Inkarho: this variety offers lightly scented, beautiful yellow flowers that change to a delicate-creamy colour in May.

Rhododendron ‘Gomer Waterer’ Inkarho: a medium sized, vigorous, compact shrub with lilac pink buds that open to white flowers with mauve edges and a yellow-brown flare.

Rhododendron ‘Graffito’ Inkarho: a particularly hardy variety with lovely white flowers that display a prominent, wine-red flare on the upper lobe in late May.

Rhododendron ‘Junifeuer’ Inkarho: blood-red flowers with light red to white on the inside and yellow-green markings.

Rhododendron ’Orakel’ Inkarho: striking, dark purple flowers with a distinctive blackberry blotch. This is a tough variety, with excellent winter hardiness.

Swamp Azaleas

We are also thrilled to offer a wide choice of Azalea viscosum, also known as Swamp Azaleas. Hailing from Eastern North America, these deciduous shrubs are fully hardy and offer attractive, small leaves and lovely funnel-shaped, fragrant flowers that bloom in early summer. Requiring a sheltered spot in sun or partial shade and a southern, eastern or western aspect, they will do best in moist, well-drained, acidic soil. Our fabulous range includes:

Azalea viscosum ‘Westons Sparkler’: a summer flowering azalea with mildew resistant foliage which turns a wonderful, dark purple-red in the autumn. With fragrant pink flowers, it will grow to an ultimate height of 5-6 ft and requires acid soil in a sunny location.

Azalea viscosum ‘Westons Lemon Drop’: a summer flowering azalea with peach buds that open to pale yellow flowers. The blossoms have a subtle lemon fragrance which hold up well in hot sun. The mildew resistant foliage colours well in autumn to tones of dark pink and red.

Azalea viscosum ‘Quiet Thoughts’: medium sized, strongly fragranced, coral pink flowers with a golden orange flare open in May and continue flowering for about 3 weeks. This variety has leaves that are smaller than most other deciduous azaleas.

Azalea viscosum ‘Pennsylvania’: a hybrid of Azalea viscosum and prunifolium, this deciduous, bushy shrub is a very late bloomer, flowering in late July and early August with delicate pink flowers that have an orange eye and sweet fruit fragrance. The foliage turns to beautiful shades of coppery yellow in the autumn.

Azalea viscosum ‘Pink and Sweet’: a fabulous choice for partial to full shade. In late June, clouds of delightfully fragrant, pink flowers fill the air with a sweet aroma. In autumn the foliage colours beautifully to distinctive red-orange shades.

(Blog post written by Jo Chamberlain)

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