Looking for early colour in the garden?

If you are looking for early colour in the garden then our huge collection of Rhododendrons would be a great place to start. Renowned for their stunning blooms and spectacular colour range, here at Larch Cottage we offer an impressive range from alpine species, through to larger shrubs and specialist woodland varieties.

Alpine varieties, such as Rhododendron ‘Wee Bee’ have a compact, spreading habit, and growing to only 30-50 cm, make a perfect addition to the rock garden, while other varieties, such as Rhododendron ‘Lumina’ provide distinctive young leaves and stems covered in a striking woolly texture (indumentum).

For year-round colour and interest choose from our extensive evergreen Rhododendrons such as ‘Dreamland AGM’, with its light, pale pink flowers and deep green leaves, or Rhododendron Bengal with its clusters of red, waxy flowers.

Here at Larch Cottage Nurseries, we also stock an impressive collection of woodland specialists, including Rhododendron arboretum ‘Rubaiyat’, Rhododendron cerasinum Cream and Rhododendron decorum AGM, amongst many others!

Preferring acidic conditions, and a partially shaded, sheltered aspect, Rhododendrons should be planted away from cold, drying winds or frost pockets. They should not be planted too deeply, and it is a good idea to enrich the soil with acidic organic material such as composted tree bark or leafmould before planting.

Blog post written by Jo Chamberlain

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