Larch Cottage Nurseries – a hidden gem situated in the Eden Valley of the Lake District

We recently did a collaboration with myhotelbreak on why their guests should visit us here at Larch Cottage. Find out what they discovered in this special guest blog edition:

When on a hotel break having fun and interesting attractions nearby can make the trip that little bit more memorable. For guests looking to stay in the Lake District we recommend a visit to Larch Cottage Nurseries.

Let’s find out more:

We suggest going on a horticultural adventure to Melkinthorpe in the Eden Valley. Here you’ll find one of the most picturesque attractions around at Larch Cottage. This is one, if not the best nurseries in the whole of the Lake District and beyond.

This award winning nursery was established well over 30 years ago. The attraction has grown into a lush space of greenery, plants and one of the most relaxing and scenic places around.  Now a thriving nursery it’s become a place where you get lost in due to all the amazing sights, smells and aromas that are on offer at this true Eden’s paradise.

The gardens are a place to come and really get away from it all. They have a tranquil and intimate feel and added to this, they appear in a series of outdoor rooms making them easy to navigate and explore. So much work has been put into the setting over the years and it shows. Visitors go on a real romantic journey as they explore each part of Larch Cottage.

To find out more on what how this great attraction came to be and the ethos behind it click here.

The Plants & Nursery

Below are listed just some of the amazing plants which are grown at this majestic nursery. From Conifers & Bamboo to Roses and Soft Fruit, the list goes on:

La Casa Verde Restaurant

The dining experience here is more than just a memorable one. It’s the place to come after a morning or afternoon exploring the nursery. Relax and talk with family and friends about the nursery and the fantastic experience in which it offers.

The restaurant offers al fresco dining at its finest. Every meal is created with care, precision and passion which is the Italian way.

Enjoy the views from the balcony with a fresh glass of wine to go with your meal or even an afternoon coffee to end the afternoon.

The fruits and vegetables on the menu are of course grown onsite which adds to the charm of this lovely quaint attraction in Melkinthorpe.

Click here to check out the sample menu.

With the fantastic nursery and everything that comes with it, Larch Cottage is a must when looking to explore the Lake District.

Create memories that last at this award winning piece of heaven.

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