Jobs for April

As the days lengthen and the milder temperatures arrive there are lots of jobs you can be doing in the garden this month:

  • get on top of the weeds early in the season: hoe annual weeds but make sure that you completely remove perennial weeds as they will regrow from any roots left in the soil
  • begin cutting your lawn: give it a weekly trim and edge with shears or a grass trimmer; rake and reseed thin patches and apply lawn feed
  • sow hardy annuals in borders
  • plant summer bulbs like Hymenocallis, Hemerocallis and Begonia
  • divide and replant hardy perennials like hostas, asters and Hemerocallis (day lilies)
  • protect fruit blossom from late frosts
  • prune hydrangeas by cutting old growth back to a healthy bud
  • plant out sweet peas sown last month and tie in to a support (don’t forget to pinch out the tips to encourage strong side shoots), or sow seeds directly into the soil
  • check for aphids on roses and rub off any you find
  • feed roses, citrus plants and shrubs
  • encourage fruiting on self-fertile apricots and peaches by dabbing the blossom with a small paintbrush which will help to pollinate the flowers
  • in the vegetable plot plant onions and maincrop potatoes and earth up potatoes when their shoots begin to show through the soil
  • be ready to protect tender new growth from late frosts!

Blog post written by Jo Chamberlain

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