How to plant Forsythia

Forsythia, planting and propagation

Expert tips from Larch Cottage Nursery Manager, Joanne McCullock

Forsythia are fairly easy plants to grow. There is no pest that seems to trouble them and if the plants are growing in good, well-drained soil they shouldn’t need any feeding.’Goldrausch’ is a variety I’d recommend for its prolific flowering, with the same habit as a normal forsythia. They can be grown well in pots too. There is a variety called ‘Paulina’ which is almost like a bonsai forsythia. It’s a good one to grow in a rock garden. For attractive leaves, try the variegated variety ‘Kanarek’

In pots, it’s best to feed with a high-nitrogen feed such as pelleted chicken manure in spring and a general fertiliser in summer. Soil-based compost is the best, with slow-release fertiliser. We add bark to our compost mix at the nursery to improve drainage.

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