Long Flowering Anemone for semi-shade

The beautiful, long flowering Anemone ‘Wild Swan’

Awarded Chelsea 2011 Plant of the Year’, Anemone ‘Wild Swan’ is a stunning  introduction by Elizabeth MacGregor. The large white flowers 7 to 9 cm across, have a distinct blue banding on the reverse and are held above attractive green foliage. Opening throughout the day, the flowers close to bells with a beautiful nodding habit in the evening and early morning.

The Anemone Wild Swan has an exceptionally long flowering season, from early June through summer and autumn. Anemone Wild Swan also makes a good cut flower.

Anemone wild swan has a vigorous habit although it is non invasive, and does best in a rich, fertile soil and semi-shade.
Later flowering benefits from removal of spent flower stems. Ht 45-60cm.

Tips : Contact with sap may cause skin irritation. Cut back the stalks once the flowers have faded, and remove dead leaves in late winter.

Genus: Anemone nemorosa. Variety: Wild Swan. Type: Hardy Perennial. Soil Type: Fertile. Site:  Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture: Moist. Height: 60cm (24in), Spacing: 45cm (18in) Flowers:May – September