After training in Art in Brighton in the late 1960s, I moved to Ayrshire in the 1970s. This allowed me to re-develop both my palette and style – the rich, dark tones of walls, shadows, moss a sharp contrast to the dazzling sun and chalk of the South Coast.

I taught Art to adults and children as my business: Ayrshire local authorities; and the NHS and in a network of private workshops. This put me in touch with so many interesting people – keen to learn and I learned from them.

Drawing has been at the heart of my work and my students were taught to use a sketch book consciously and happily and freely. I now treasure my own sketch books that span over 40 years.

Over the past 25 years I have exhibited largely within South West Scotland – Broughton, Kirkudbright, Castle Douglas, Troon and Penrith more recently.

The style emerging is far more personal and experimental as my age and experience become more important (never stand still!). There is a deep relationship with my much-loved immediate environment.

Through a flick of colour or a splash of tone, a thought may be communicated through Art. Decades of past experiences in life and in technique and you know it never stops.

These paintings at ‘The Red Barn’ are of my familiar themes, but in different mediums, of which I never tire. Most are of home. My house, my garden, are all adapted to my painting needs. An artist’s home is never dull. There is always a change of light; or a placing of a still life or garden pots that alters our perception of place and of the times we live in.

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