Elke Sada

Elke Sada worked as a research scientist for over a decade before training as a ceramicist in England, culminating in an MA from the Royal College of Art.

Sada skilfully combines her love of gestural expressive painting with everyday objects in her striking ceramic objects. Unusually, as a 3D maker her starting point and inspiration is in a 2D process – Sada starts with the painting of abstract motifs, freely and widely overlapping colour and gestural marks; tellingly perhaps her ‘paints’ are a watery suspension of clays and minerals, still a ceramics medium. In a technique comparable to using a printer’s monotype as a surface base, clay is poured over the painting allowing the two to soak into each and become one flexible plate of clay, which Sada cuts and folds into her striking vessels.

This innovative process has won Elke Sada several awards, and she is collected, and exhibits widely across Europe.

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