Christine Cummings ceramics at Red Barn Gallery

Christine is an award winning ceramic sculptor based in Lancashire, North West England. She’s been an artist all her life and her dedication has brought us timeless creations that are featured in many of the UK’s most prestigious galleries. Her ceramic work is instantly recognisable through her very own unique style of Raku firing, the animals she sculpts each have their own quirky personality and charm and her natural ability to create such life-like creatures from clay makes them truly unique and unmistakably Christine’s!

Her early work focused on her extensive studies of pigs, capturing their character and beauty, she always remembers drawing inspiration from her pet pig Jezabelle. Since then Christine’s collection has grown to whole menagerie of animals including foxes, goats, hens, hares, geese and many more. To capture such detail her work relies on tireless research and observation, she studies the anatomy and physiology of each wonderful creature to sculpt her own beautiful adaptation. Her unique style is followed by thousands and her work is now exported internationally.