Gardening Jobs for May







Winter is over, and the garden is beckoning.  May is here, and it's time to start preparing the garden for all that the summer and autumn will bring.



Water and feed everything well.

Make sure to get any weeds out before they start to flower.

Let bulb plants die down naturally, don’t cut them back.

Keep an eye out for any surprise frosts, and be prepared to cover vulnerable plants if needed.


Plants, trees and shrubs

Begin to harden plants that will be going out next month.

Plant summer bedding if the weather is going to be good.  Wait a bit longer if there’s a risk of bad weather.

Plant your hanging baskets, don’t forget to plant up around the sides of the basket for maximum effect.

Stake and tie up tall perennials.

Plant or transplant trees and shrubs.

Repot plants as needed - if the top and sides are solid and there are lots of visible roots at the sides, it’s time to repot.


Fruit and Vegetables

Cover strawberries and other fruit with a net to protect them from birds.

Thin out vegetables so they have space to grow properly.

Begin to plant vegetables such as French beans, turnips, rocket.

Sprouting broccoli and kale should be ready to eat, and you might see some asparagus appearing too. Don’t harvest potatoes until the flower trusses are fully out.



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